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Our Work

Our programs seek to help educators, parents, and children by providing current, evidence-based information and advice about mainstream learning differences. We are working to raise awareness of what our children need to succeed both academically and socially and to offer parents the support they seek in their efforts to unlock their child’s full potential.
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Parent Support

Our regular round-table gatherings offer parents and educators an intimate and confidential forum to discuss challenges, seek advice and share experiences. Discussions are moderated by an educator or medical professional and are a good place to ask personal questions and to seek local resource guidance.  Parents say these sessions are one of the most valuable services FOCUS offer because they come away knowing they are not alone in the often-difficult journey of raising a child with SpLD or AD/HD in Hong Kong.  Join our Mailing List or visit or follow us on Facebook to keep up with the Latest Events.

Annual Boarding School Fair

Each year, typically in November, FOCUS hosts a boarding school fair featuring schools, representing a continuum of learning support models to meet the educational and emotional needs of students with learning differences. The fair offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the types of school support available and to speak directly to Admission Directors in a friendly and personal setting.  ​

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Summer Intensive Reading & Writing Program 

As many as 80% of students with learning differences have reading problems.  We know that effective reading instruction can prevent or improve reading problems in children with SpLD or AD/HD, but qualified resources are difficult to find.  Our Summer Intensive Reading and Writing Program seeks to help fill this gap by bring two Master’s degree Reading Specialists to deliver the research-based reading remediation program.  The format is tailored to each child's learning needs with a teacher-student ratio of 1:3, and is available to English-speaking students ages 6–11, typically in July.

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Periodically, FOCUS sponsors local and internationally renowned experts to visit Hong Kong to share new knowledge or offer training. The talks are open to the public and FOCUS members are always offered an exclusive opportunity for a small round-table discussion.  For a list of past speakers take a look at our Advisory members.

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