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​FOCUS is pleased to welcome back Dr. Giorcelli, one of the region's most experienced special education experts, to speak about essential learning for all teachers attempting to accommodate a diverse range of learners in their classrooms. 


This includes the principles, best practice and framework in differentiation, and it application... (please click on the event title, date or image to READ MORE).

FOCUS is pleased to welcome back Dr. Giorcelli, one of the regions most experienced special education experts to speak about the educational and related developmental issues that are critical for parents to understand when nurturing their children with dyslexia, dysgraphia, AD/HD, and co-existing conditions such as anxiety, addictive behaviours, and low self-esteem. 


Drawing upon her many years of experience, Dr. Giorcelli will suggest a research-based "Curriculum of the Home” designed to...(READ MORE, please click on the event title, date or image)

Boarding school can be a life-changing option for all students, especially to those who learn differently, but you need to find the right educational and cultural fit.

Our Boarding School Event is designed to help you better navigate those choices.  This will include:

  • A parent panel sharing personal experiences with boarding school choices and outcomes.

  • Small group discussions with school representatives to learn about their unique programs, learning support and summer options.

  • Opportunity for 1:1 follow up with schools of your choosing. 


​Please join us to explore the breadth of exciting learning opportunities available for student who... (pls click the Event Title, Date or Image to READ MORE)

Are you juggling parenting, home schooling, quarantine, and maybe work from home?  How do you avoid burnout so you can be the support your children need?  

Join the live presentation and Q&A with our guest speaker, Dr. Minna Chau, who will discuss signs and causes of parenting burnout, and offer different ways to manage our stress... READ MORE

Decades of research show that avoidance behaviours typically result from a lack of skills needed for problem solving, managing frustration and mental flexibility. 

This is a follow-up, interactive session will again be led by Rick Smith, EdD, PsyD. and Melissa Ortega Giglio, PsyD., to address the feedback comments, and further support and discuss regarding​...READ MORE

Avoidance and procrastination have typically been thought of as intentional or subversive, which often results in parenting approaches that focus on motivation through reward and punishment programs. If these strategies no longer seem to motivate your child, this discussion is for you!

Join our live video discussion with Rick Smith, EdD, PsyD. and Melissa Ortega, PsyD. ...READ MORE

The classes will be led by experienced Reading Specialists from the USA.  A multi-sensory approach to reading and an individually tailored reading and writing program will be used to enhance the child's literacy skills and confidence.  The format is highly individualized instruction that is complemented by small group interaction with a teacher-student ratio of 1:3-4.


Effective reading and writing instruction can prevent or improve reading and writing difficulties in many youngsters.  Children with SpLD such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and/or AD/HD may need...READ MORE

While medications can be very useful in alleviating inattentiveness and impulsivity in school and at home, as well as providing a window to allow children and teens to work on his/her areas of weaknesses, parents are often concerned about the side effects and frustrated by the confusing information about the choice of medications.

Join our live video discussion with Dr. Fanny Lam, Specialist in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics...READ MORE

Resiliency is not simply a trait that you are born with, but something that can be taught and promoted through behavior, thoughts, and actions.  


Join our live video discussion with Dr. Janine Domingues, a clinical psychologist in the Anxiety Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute, USA...READ MORE

For chronically distracted teenagers, consequences and criticism tend to damage relationships and inevitably lose their impact.  Goals, behaviour contracts, rewards etc. seem to fade just as quickly.  So what works best?...READ MORE

For chronically distracted teenagers, consequences and criticism tend to damage relationships and inevitably lose their impact.  Goals, behaviour contracts, rewards etc. seem to fade just as quickly.  So what works best?...READ MORE

Dr. Brown returns for an intimate and highly interactive round-table discussion designed to give you the accurate information you seek for yourself as an adult with ADD/ADHD and/or your children dealing with the symptoms, diagnosis, medication and/or treatment of attention issues.  Be sure not to miss this privileged opportunity to engage directly with a world-leading researcher in the field of ADD/ADHD...READ MORE

If you feel your child is not developing or learning as expected, and strategies put in place by your child’s teacher are not making a difference, the next step may be a psycho-educational evaluation. How do I know when a psycho-educational evaluation is warranted?...READ MORE

Boarding school can be a life-changing option for the student who learns differently but you need to find the right educational and cultural fit. 


Our Boarding School Evening is designed to help you better navigate those choices.  The evening will include:

  • A parent panel sharing personal experiences with boarding school choices and outcomes

  • School representatives describing their unique programs, learning support and summer options. 

  • Plenty of time to find answers to your questions in an intimate and supportive environment. 


​Please join us to explore the breadth of exciting learning opportunities available for students who learn differently ... READ MORE

FOCUS (HK) and JST Coaching & Training (USA) are joining forces to offer the opportunity to develop the specialized skills required to support clients with EF/ ADHD related challenges e.g. difficulties with planning, organizing, sustaining attention or regulating emotions. 

  • Unique professional development opportunity to engage with peers from the educaional, counselling, coaching and medical fields;

  • 7 weeks, 1.5 hour virtual live sessions, plus 10 hrs self-study;

  • Learn from the comfort of your home;

  • Post-course supervision sessions offered and highly recommended.


This is a unique opportunity to develop the expertise required to address an unmet needs of adolescents, college students and adults who struggle with Executive Functions/ADHD related challenges...COURSE DETAILS

How to help teens better manage emotions, achieve goals, and build connection using effective elements found in all therapies and psychological interventions?  Bhavna Bharvani, Clinical Counsellor will discuss the "DNA-V" model, a four self-help skills that can nurture...READ MORE

U.S. based master coach, author and award-winning Executive Function (EF)/ ADHD Coach Training Expert, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett joins us via video conference to share her expertise and perspectives on how interventions like coaching...READ MORE

We are very excited to have the two reading specialists, Toni Bain and Rebecca Bush to facilitate our May Roundtable on reading remediation. 


The will lead an interactive discussion on...READ MORE

Did you know it is possible to have dyslexia in Chinese, or English, or even both?  

Join us this month to explore the unique characteristics of these two languages and to gain practical tips on how to manage dyslexia in Chinese and/or English. 

Our guest, Professor Catherine McBride, developmental psychologist at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, will share her latest research and discuss ...READ MORE

Parenting is hard... for anyone!  But when you have a child with learning differences or a passionate temperament, your job becomes even more difficult.  No one technique works for all; you need a toolkit, especially for those moments when stress is high and tolerance is low.   Dr. Amanda Oswalt Visher will lead an interactive discussion exploring practical tips and...READ MORE

Please join us for an interactive Panel Discussion led by Melissa Ortega, Psy.D., and Rebecca Bush, M.A. and M.Ed., on Demystifying the Educational-Psych Assessment such as what areas are assessed; why and when; how do they relate to school performance; what are the scores means...READ MORE 

Children with ADHD and SLD often face more challenges and stress from school and daily life.  When the stresses and frustrations build up after school, you ask your child to tidy up or start doing his homework, he blow up at you or stonewall you.  How do you connect with your child/teen?

Join Dr. Minna Chau (Ph.D) and Dr. Ying Kan (Psy.D.) who will share strategies to coaching your child/teen... READ MORE


When Executive Function Malfunction

Follow-up to Dr. Brown's well recived lectures - Roundtable discussions for Parents & Workshop for Educators

Following the well attended lectures by Dr. Brown, we want to give parents and educators a chance to discuss what they learned, explore their personal questions and share strategies.  Small informal sessions will be held for: 


Parent Roundtable:   Nov 20, 2018 (Tue);  10:00 - 12:00 (9:45 registration & coffee/tea)

Educator Workshop: Nov 28, 2018 (Wed);  17:00 - 19:00  (16:45 registration & coffee/tea)

Venue:    14/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central

                  (8 mins walk from Admiralty MTR exit B via Queensway)

Cost:       FREE & Exclusive for Dr. Brown Parent & Educator Seminar participants


Seats are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Parent Roundtable - [Register here]      Educator Workshop - [Register here]

Dr. Thomas E. Brown is a Yale-trained clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with children, teenagers, and adults who are "Smart but Stuck" because of weak executive function skills.  The common symptoms - persistent difficulties with procrastination, planning, organizing or self-control - are frustrating both for the individual as well as parents, teachers or partners who often don't understand the underlying cause of the behaviors or how to help.  Are they lazy?  Will they grow out of it?  Is this “normal?

Dr. Brown will be sharing the latest research on brain development and functioning, offering practical examples from daily life and support strategies to help parents and educators...READ MORE

Visiting guest speaker, Imy Wax, Educational Consultant and Psychotherapist, will discuss strategies that she recommends for choosing a school to captialise on your child's strengths. She will address...READ MORE

A new term can be stressful for both kids and parents.  Are you finding it hard to get back into a good morning routine,  or wondering  how to help your child adjust to new teachers or responsibilities?   How do you approach teachers to talk about support for your child with mainstream learning differences?   What information should you share?

Many parents share these concerns!   Join this month's round-table discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities...

This will be our last Roundtable discussion group before the summer holiday, so please join us to discuss ways to prevent summer learning loss and the importance of early planning for the transition to college. 

Our facilitator, Andrew Stock, PsyD (Clinical) will offer us some pointers and then we will move on to discuss those issues that concern us most. Topics to explore include...READ MORE

It’s nearly the end of the school year so let’s revise.  The May Roundtable will be an opportunity to review strategies and share what you have learned with other FOCUS parents and teachers. 


Our facilitators will provide an overview of the key learning presented in previous Roundtables, exploring the role of anxiety, emotions and learning.  We will then divide into small groups to discuss our own real-life challenges, how to apply the strategies, and to share those approaches...READ MORE

Please join FOCUS and Bhavna Bharvani on April 17th for an interactive discussion on how to recognize the signs of teenage distress and approaches parents can take to help teens avoid a spiral into anxiety. 


Teens today face an ever-increasing number of challenges, from academic pressure and exam stress, to navigating interpersonal relationships and social media, to constantly feeling under a microscope due to the merging of offline and online worlds. With these stresses, it is no wonder that anxiety is one of the chief mental health complaints of young people today. If not acknowledged, these pressures can result in children suffering from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and relational difficulties...READ MORE

There has been much in the popular literature recently about encouraging a growth mindset and building resiliency in children and adolescents. Our children live in a time with increased stress and pressure regarding outcomes and performance.

In this presentation, Dr. Ortega will discuss the factors that contribute to resiliency in children and adolescents as well as how to develop and nurture independence, increase effort, promote flexibility in thinking, and improve problem-solving.  Carol Dweck’s work on the growth mindset and Angela Duckworth’s work on grit will be discussed...

Researchers have found that no matter how intelligent or creative students are, or what type of learner they are, it is their inner world of feelings, thoughts and self-talk that ultimately determines how successfully they will learn. Emotion Focused Teaching is a road map for supporting students in a meaningful way - an approach that will help students reach their full potential socially, emotionally and intellectually, regardless of the challenges that they face.


In this talk, Dr. Rick Smith will discuss Emotion Focused Teaching, a science-based approach that helps teachers and parents support and enhance a student’s learning and address the difficult emotions of learning (i.e. frustration, boredom, anxiety, etc.) with a three-step method...READ MORE

Are you considering the possibility of a boarding school or boarding summer experience for your son or daughter? Finding the right school for your children can be a challenge, particularly if they have a learning difference, such as AD/HD or Dyslexia.


The FOCUS Boarding School Fair includes both mainstream schools and schools specifically for students with SpLD, such as Dyslexia, and AD/HD in the U.S. and Canada. These schools offer a continuum of learning support to meet the needs of students throughout their middle and senior school years...READ MORE

Cheryl Raper, FOCUS Chairman and special needs teacher will lead and facilitate a discussion on helping to discover your child's Learning Style and discuss strategies for supporting your child in maths and English using differing learning techniques and styles...READ MORE

Sheridan Steen, a UK-based educational consultant  will discuss how increasing research, investment, use of assistive technology and understanding by independent UK schools into the different ways children learn has led to a more thoughtful and emphatic approach of how to support and teach children with main stream learning differences...READ MORE

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